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Let our expert team guide you on getting the gear for you next camping, hiking, off-road or watersport adventure. Get expert advice on gear choices, tips & tricks, care guides and check lists for packing and travel.

Your Guide to Navigation: Tools, techniques, and GPS Systems

Whatever adventure you are planning ahead - understanding and mastering navigation techniques are arguably some of the most important skills to learn. From hiking to action sports, trail running, sailing, or just driving through cities on road trips - being prepared with the correct navigational... Read more

How to choose the right spotlight for the outdoors

A good spotlight is considered an essential outdoor gear item, especially when camping or game-viewing at night. Read below to see what to look out for when buying the right spotlight for your next adventure. Read more

How to choose the right two-way radio set for any outdoor activity

Two-way radios are useful, often vital, gear devices when communicating in the outdoors. Whether in the mountains, in the veld or for safety in and around the house, this is the features you need to consider when buying a two-way radio system. Read more

How to choose the right straps and tie-downs for your vehicle

Don't leave anything behind on your next holiday! learn more about the different tie-down options at Outdoor Warehouse so that you can ensure everything is securely tied to your vehicle. Read more

Understanding tyre pressure for cars and 4X4s

Not sure what your tyre pressure should be on a specific terrain? View our list of tyre pressure requirements for all terrains. Read more

Your guide to power inverters

Choose your inverter according to the type and power rating of the appliance your want to connect and remember that the starting current of your appliances must be much higher than their nominal consumptions. Read more

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