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Everything you need to know about Gazebos - your guide to prices, accessories, setting it up, and maintaining it correctly.

Although gazebos are a classic piece of outdoor camping and shelter gear - finding the right one for you can be a challenge - as well as knowing the best way to set it up, clean it and maintain it for future use and prolonged lifespan. Read our full gazebo guide below to get all the knowledge you... Read more

Do easy, fast and efficient outdoor cooking on the go with Jetboil.

Do you need a super-dependable, fast-cooking lightweight stove when hiking or camping? With Jetboil’s cutting edge compact stove technology you get an easy-to-carry system with rapid boiling functionality, heat control and matching accessories. Despite their small size, with these stoves, you’ll... Read more

How To Choose The Right Cover For Your Outdoor Camping Gear

Read our guide on why covering your camping and outdoor equipment is so important, and how to care for and clean your camp covers. We also share our top 6 Camp Cover product picks to help keep your outdoor gear properly protected. Read more

How to Clean Your First Ascent Sleeping Bag

With regular care, the correct storage and thorough cleaning, you can maximize the lifespan of your First Ascent sleeping bag and sleep comfortably for all the adventures you have planned ahead! Read more

5 Tips for Pitching Your New First Ascent Hiking Tent

The First Ascent tent range has been expertly designed, and performance tested in varying conditions to ensure reliable shelter. Here are a few of our best tips to keep in mind when pitching your tent. Read more

How to Choose The Perfect First Ascent Sleeping Bag

Whether you're prepping to summit Mt Kilimanjaro or, planning an overnight hike in your local mountain range—the First Ascent sleeping bag range has been developed with every type of adventure in mind, despite the weather forecast. Read more

6 Great Campsites in South Africa

South Africa has many great campsites to book your next outdoor getaway. Here are a few of our favorite camping and hiking spots for your next adventure: Read more

Landmine Chicken - A Braai-Crew Special Must-Try Recipe

This saucy, delicious dish will impress at any braai. Submitted by Juan Jordaan from Cape Town, the flavours of this special sauce are amplified with the perfect combination of bacon and brandy. Read more

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