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Let our expert team guide you on getting the gear for you next camping, hiking, off-road or watersport adventure. Get expert advice on gear choices, tips & tricks, care guides and check lists for packing and travel.

Stay Warm While Exploring: Base-layers, Tips, and Product Picks for Chilly Adventures.

Winter, cold weather or rain should not stop you from exploring the beautiful outdoors and tackling your favourite outdoor activities. In fact, for some outdoor adventures, winter and chilly weather is often more preferred conditions to enjoy the outdoors. We've put together a full guide on... Read more

Worried about fit? Read our size guide for clothing

Our size guide helps you determine the right size, so your new clothing item fits like a glove. Read more

Gear Review: Hi-Tec Technical Clothing & Footwear

Hi-Tec has always been your foot’s best friend. Now, their incredible range of purpose-built technical apparel for men and women extends the love to the rest of your body. Read more

How to Correctly Look After Your First Ascent Down Jacket

Caring for your First Ascent Down Jacket correctly can ensure you stay insulated and warm for many years of adventures in tough weather! Follow these useful instructions for the best way to maximize the lifespan of this fundamental piece of apparel! Read more

How to Care For all your First Ascent Rainwear

Over time, waterproof jackets will lose their resilience, allowing water to penetrate through the jacket's surface. However - the good news is that with the right cleaning and re-waterproofing, your rainwear jacket will be perfectly ready for your next adventure! Read more

How to choose the right sized Veldskoen belt

Get your belt size spot on by referring to our nifty size guide. Read more

Choosing the right socks for your outdoor activity

For any outdoor activity, like hiking or camping, you need to ensure you have the right gear. This is especially true when it comes to your feet and choosing the right pair of socks. Read more

The benefits of choosing a 3-in-1 jacket for outdoor activities

If there is one jacket that is perfectly versatile to help you combat all types of wet and chilly conditions - it is a 3-in-1 jacket. Stay warm, dry and protected with these innovative 3-in-1 jacket designs, made for all seasons and adventures. Read more

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