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Let our expert team guide you on getting the gear for you next camping, hiking, off-road or watersport adventure. Get expert advice on gear choices, tips & tricks, care guides and check lists for packing and travel.

How To Level A Caravan On Uneven Ground Correctly.

Often people do not see the benefits of levelling a caravan - but doing so correctly will save you time and make your off-road or caravan adventures a far more enjoyable experience. Read more

Understanding the Benefits of Gas: Cooking, safety tips, and how to correctly check gas levels

Gas has several benefits for both outdoor camping adventures and also keeping your home warm or minimizing electricity usage. Using gas for cooking, heating or lighting is also often more cost-effective and efficient. We’ve put together a guide to help you understand all the tips and tricks to... Read more

Top Hikes that are Child-friendly

Heading outdoors to explore nature is amazing for the soul and a great way to get some fresh air and stay healthy with your family. We’ve put together our pick of fun child-friendly trails and 10 tips for hiking with children so that the entire family can experience South Africa’s rich natural... Read more

Everything you need to know about Gazebos - your guide to prices, accessories, setting it up, and maintaining it correctly.

Although gazebos are a classic piece of outdoor camping and shelter gear - finding the right one for you can be a challenge - as well as knowing the best way to set it up, clean it and maintain it for future use and prolonged lifespan. Read our full gazebo guide below to get all the knowledge you... Read more

How to Plan a Multi-Day Hike and Useful Checklist

Thinking about planning a multi-day hike? Read our guide below to find out exactly how to prepare and pack so that you have everything you need. Also, find our useful checklist to help you plan properly for your next adventure at the bottom of the page. Read more

Multi-tools & knifes: How to clean, sharpen and oil your favourite outdoor tool

Compact, agile and ready to take with your next adventure, multi-tools are an outdoor enthusiast's best friend. These hardy and versatile tools are as useful indoors or at home as they are while you are backpacking or camping in the middle of nowhere. Read more

Why fishing is a great hobby for anyone: Equipment, licenses, permits, and expert tips for beginners.

Blessed with a coastline almost 3 000 kilometers long, and combining several stunning dams, lakes, rivers, and streams, South Africa is the ultimate paradise for both fishing amateurs and pros. Whether you’re keen on landing a huge ocean catch or prefer the peace and quiet of fly-fishing for... Read more

Stay Warm While Exploring: Base-layers, Tips, and Product Picks for Chilly Adventures.

Winter, cold weather or rain should not stop you from exploring the beautiful outdoors and tackling your favourite outdoor activities. In fact, for some outdoor adventures, winter and chilly weather is often more preferred conditions to enjoy the outdoors. We've put together a full guide on... Read more

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