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Let us help you hit the ground running
with our wide range of extra services.

Let us help you hit the ground running with our wide range of extra services.

Expert Advice

Speak to our friendly staff.

They’re trained to advise on what you need for your particular trip, whether it’s a stay-in-one-site family camping holiday, a bushwhacking off-road adventure, a hike in the Drakensberg, an overseas skiing trip or even a climb up Kilimanjaro.

We have also drawn up practical checklists and adventure guides for camping, hiking, motorcycle touring and cross-border travel. Find them here or in-store.

Speak to our Friendly Staff.

Waeco mobile refrigeration servicing

We provide authorised testing of batteries and transmitters for heart rate monitors.

Should your mobile fridge/freezer need servicing or repair, just bring it into your nearest store.

We can test it in-store, diagnose the problem and either fix or service it on-site or send it to our own dedicated, experienced Service Centre.

Tent repairs

If your tent has seen rough times, bring it in and we can either mend it in-store or send it to our accredited partners for repair at a nominal fee. We also stock spares for all our tents, in case you lose a pole, peg or guy rope.

Tent repairs

GPS Navigation Station

GPS Navigation Station

Our staff are qualified to help you choose the perfect unit, whether for personal navigation or outdoor activities as diverse as automotive, marine, fitness and geocaching.

We can provide extra or updated local and international GPS maps and software, while you wait, at our in-store online navigation station. Plus we stock the widest range of GPS accessories, including traffic info receivers. All this goes to earn us valued accreditation as a Garmin Specialist Centre.

Mozambique 3rd party insurance

The law of Mozambique dictates that all foreign registered vehicles crossing into its territory must have Third Party Liability Insurance bought from a company accredited to sell insurance in Mozambique.

It does not matter whether you already have an insurance policy covering travel in Mozambique, you have to buy this temporary insurance for the duration of your visit. It covers property damage, bodily injury or death of third parties caused by the insured vehicle – it does not cover damage to the insured vehicle.

The Hollard Insurance Mozambique 3rd Party policy is sold in every Outdoor Warehouse and you will save time and hassle if you buy it from us.

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At Outdoor Warehouse, we go the extra mile to help you get the most out of every product and outdoor activity.
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