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Product Information

The Handheld Work Sharp Pivot Pro Knife and Tool Sharpener sharpens and hones knives, scissors, shears, and garden tools to better than new with a superior convex edge.
  • The Pivot Pro quickly and easily restores factory sharpness to knives and other edge tools
  • Convex-Carbide sharpening blades quickly restores sharp edges
  • The fine grit ceramic rods hone a knife edge to factory sharp results
  • Pivot-Response sharpening blades follow the curve of the blade when sharpening making it easier and more consistent
  • Includes two additional dedicated sharpening modules, one for fine edge lawn & garden tools and another for scissors and shears
  • Handheld design is effective for use both on a work bench or counter-top and out in the yard or at camp
  • Sharpens knives, scissors, garden tools, pruners, shears and more.



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