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Product Information

Zambia is a self-drive traveller's dream. This vast country with huge rivers and lakes and numerous waterfalls is blessed with largely undeveloped rural areas and national parks that are not overrun with tourists. Zambia's country shape does not lend itself to be printed on one side of our standard paper size. Tracks4Africa aim to bring a lot of detail into their maps and therefor they print country maps on a scale of 1:1 million which necessitates the country to be split in
  • Large 1:1,000,000 scale (large doublesided map)
  • Travel times and distances shown on roads
  • Large paper map, printed on both sides folds down to easy to use size.
  • Packed in a plastic sleeve for extra protection.
  • Comprehensive set of roads and tracks in nature reserves
  • Map designed to suit the needs of selfdrive travellers
  • Border crossings indicated with opening and closing times
  • Printed on tear and water resistant PolyArt paper suitable for outdoor use
  • Shaded relief background

Tracks4Africa Zambia 1st Edition


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