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Coverage of the Road Atlas Africa includes all African countries and the Indian Ocean Islands at scales of 1:1 500 000 and 1:3 000 000. Southern Africa at 1.5 million, 130 pages Northern Africa at 3 million and Indian Islands 62 pages. Includes Madagascar, Comores, Mauritius and Seychelles.
  • COUNTRIES COVERED - All African countries including Indian Ocean Islands
  • Keyplan to atlas section
  • Southern and East Africa at 1:1 500 000
  • Northern and Central Africa at 1: 3 000 000
  • Includes Madagascar, Comores, Mauritius and Seychelles
  • Statistics: Country, capital city, flag, size and population
  • Information centres and police stations
  • Major, main, tarred and untarred roads
  • Places of interest and historic sites
  • Distance markers and distances
  • Selected accommodation
  • Airports and airfields
  • Detailed index
  • Railway lines
  • Battle sites
  • Distance chart
  • Area and capital name
  • Relief detail

Map Studio Road Atlas Africa 3rd Edition


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