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Product Information

The National Luna Mega Fuse Holder is a high-quality fuse holder for automotive use which can accommodate both small and large cable sizes. The fuse used is rated for DC applications and is ideal for battery connection and accessory protection.
  • 16mm/35mm
  • High strength plastic casing
  • Tinned brass terminals
  • Front or side cable entry options
  • Internal spare-fuse slot
  • Mounting flanges
  • Clip-lock insulating cover
  • Uses automotive strip-fuses
  • Casing: Polyester plastic
  • External dimensions: 43mm (w) x 85mm (l) x 28mm (h)
  • 3 x 5mm diameter holes
  • Terminals: M5 threaded tinned brass. (Length : 13 mm)
  • Fuse type: 32V Automotive strip-fuse
  • Cable size: 35mm max

National Luna Mega Fuse Holder


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