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Product Information

The National Luna Intelligent solenoid is designed to be a compact, automatic, parallel split-charge isolator for cars. It features intelligent control electronics and a low-loss, high-current solenoid rated for extreme environments. It's very easy to install and can 'piggy-back' off the cars main battery without any ignition 'tapping'. The Intelligent Solenoid is supplied as a fully-functional split-charge isolator, no cables or batteries are supplied. Lugs, batteries and cables are available separately.
  • Simple installation
  • Low-loss solenoid
  • Automatic connection and isolation
  • Plug-in port for remote monitor
  • No ignition wiring necessary
  • Alternator over-load protection
  • Removed battery protection
  • Damaged battery protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Can be installed in trailers or caravans
  • Physical size: 130mm (l) x 115mm (w) x 75mm (h)
  • Weight: 580g (Excluding connections)
  • Power supply: 8Vdc - 15Vdc (display range: 11.4V - 14.2V)
  • Switched current: 85 amp (continuous) , 400 amp (peak)
  • Power consumption: 40mA ave (standby), 780mA max (solenoid engaged)

National Luna Intelligent Solenoid


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