The benefits of choosing a 3-in-1 jacket for outdoor activities

Stay warm, dry and protected with the innovative 3-in-1 jacket design, made for all seasons.

The 3-in-1 jacket is designed with both an inner layer (Inner-fleece) as well as an outer layer (hard-shell), which can be zipped together.
The outer layer secure into the Inner layer via zips, which allow you to take the layer out or put it in with ease.

Benefits of a 3-in-1 Jacket:

1. An outer shell that repels water and wind that can be worn alone in wet weather.

2. An Inner fleece that insulates you. This can be worn under the hard-shell.

3. Zip-out capabilities so the Inner layer can be worn alone in good weather.

4. The 3-in-1 Jacket is the perfect jacket to have by your side to insulate you against the cold in all 4 seasons. This is also an excellent choice, looking at value for money, as they are suitable for all seasons and for most activities.

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