Choosing the right socks for your outdoor activity

For any outdoor activity, like hiking or camping, you need to ensure you have the right gear. This is especially true when it comes to your feet and choosing the right pair of socks.

Why are socks so important? They provide the following:

• Padding & comfort
• Barrier between feet and footwear, protection from upper seams
• Moisture absorption
• Reduces friction & minimizes hotspots
• Protects from cooler and warmer conditions
• Anti-microbial protection
• Prevent foot conditions (e.g. blisters, athlete’s foot, calluses and abrasions)

Socks affect the comfort and fit of footwear by their thickness, cushioning and sweat-fighting capabilities. If your feet sweat more, you are likely wearing the wrong kind of socks. 

ow to buy the perfect pair of socks for your outdoor adventure or activity:

  • Wear activity-specific socks, i.e. running socks for running and thick hiking socks for longer hikes.
  • Look for a high thread count because denser socks repel moisture & protect feet for long periods.
  • Purchase socks with a reinforced heel and toe area.
  • Look for socks with cushion sole support.
  • Shop the proper size: toes should reach the seam and heel padding should be a secure fit.

5 Popular types of socks you should consider:
Casual socks – Wear for normal everyday use
Dress socks – Worn with suits, business attire and formal wear.
Support socks – Better support muscles and relieve any fatigue/strain.
Work socks – Designed for durability (with reinforced heel) and colder climates.
Sport socks – Designed for activities with high movement and sport-specific.

For colder outdoor activities
, thermal socks have tiny air pockets for warmth and insulation by trapping the heat but allows breathability for perspiration to keep feet dry.

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