How to choose the right straps and tie-downs for your vehicle

Don't leave anything behind on your next holiday! learn more about the different tie-down options at Outdoor Warehouse so that you can ensure everything is securely tied to your vehicle.

Tie down straps are used to secure items while in transit. There are many different types of products so finding the right one for your needs can be tricky. Examples include hold downs and ratcheted tie downs; winch, cargo, and axle straps; cam buckles and bungee cords. Whether you want to strap a surf-board to your car - or secure items on your trailer - visit Outdoor Warehouse to find the best solution for your tie-down needs.

Always remember:

  • Use a safe working load
    • The safe working load for a particular purpose is half the break strength. However, check the product’s packaging for full details.
  • Know the difference between cambuckle and ratchet tie-downs
    • Cambuckle tie-downs should only be used for light-duty applications. They do now lock like the ratchet versions do and they can become loose, especially off-road.
  • Ensure that your tie-downs are certified

All tie-downs and ratchets available at Outdoor Warehouse are certified. Visit our in-store experts for more information about our tie-down range.