Exploring Portable Refrigeration with National Luna

When it comes to outdoor adventures, having a reliable cooling solution is an essential part of ensuring your overall comfort. Whether you're setting off on a spontaneous weekend camping trip or taking on a meticulously planned month-long overland expedition, the right fridge can significantly enhance your experience.

Enter National Luna, a trusted name synonymous with innovation and durability in portable refrigeration. With a diverse range of products tailored to meet the diverse needs and preferences of outdoor enthusiasts, National Luna fridges are engineered according to strict quality and performance requirements to deliver unparalleled performance in even the most demanding environments.

We’re taking a closer look at National Luna and their range of fridges, what they offer, and which model will suit your next adventure.

Exploring the National Luna Range

These fridges feature superior cooling power, ultra-high efficiency, and versatility, with the ability to run on 12-volt, 24-volt or 230-volt. From compact units ideal for short excursions to robust models capable of sustaining extended expeditions, there's a National Luna fridge to suit every adventure.

Single Compartment Fridges

National Luna single-compartment fridge freezers are the perfect companion for individuals or small groups embarking on short outdoor escapades.

These compact yet efficient fridges are developed to perform at high ambient temperatures, and offer ample storage space for essentials like food and beverages, ensuring you stay refreshed throughout your journey. Equipped with advanced cooling technology, they can maintain desired temperatures with precision, even in challenging conditions.


DuAl Compartment Fridges

For those seeking versatility and convenience, National Luna dual-compartment fridges are the ultimate choice. Featuring separate compartments for refrigeration and freezing, these fridges allow you to store perishables and frozen items simultaneously, eliminating the need for multiple units without compromising performance. Both of these compartments can also be set to run as a fridge or freezer, making them extra versatile.

This versatility makes these fridges ideal for various applications, from camping and overlanding to marine adventures and long road trips. With National Luna's commitment to quality and reliability, Dual Control fridges provide adventurers with the peace of mind they need to tackle any journey with confidence.


Travel Boxes

The travel box offers a practical carry-and-go cooling solution for more casual outdoor enthusiasts or can serve as a second fridge for avid 4x4 adventurers. These travel boxes offer durable construction and efficient cooling technology and are designed to withstand the rigours of travel and provide reliable performance in any environment.


The NL Connect App

In addition to superior cooling capabilities, many National Luna fridges come equipped with advanced features like Bluetooth functionality and app connectivity via the NL Connect app, adding an extra layer of convenience to your outdoor experience.

Remote Temperature Monitoring

With the NL Connect app, you can conveniently monitor and adjust temperature settings from your smartphone or tablet. This feature is handy, especially when you're away from your campsite or vehicle, allowing you to maintain optimal cooling conditions remotely. The NL Connect app provides intuitive controls and real-time temperature monitoring, giving you peace of mind and ensuring your perishables stay fresh throughout your journey.

Energy Efficiency

The NL Connect app also enables you to track battery status in real time, ensuring efficient power management throughout your journey. By monitoring power usage remotely, you can optimise fridge settings to conserve energy and prolong battery life, which is essential for off-grid adventures. The National Luna app allows you to customise power-saving modes and set temperature alarms, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability in any environment.


Our Recommendations

Choosing the right National Luna fridge involves considering various factors such as the duration of your trip, the size of your group, the level of durability you need, and more. Depending on your unique refrigeration requirements, here are a few of our recommendations:

For Shorter Trips

For weekend getaways or day trips, a compact single-compartment fridge like the National Luna TrailBoss range is a great choice. These fridges offer sufficient storage capacity for short-term outings and are lightweight and easy to transport, making them perfect for adventures where space and convenience are paramount.

Available in a wide range of sizes, these fridges also boast a stylish stainless-steel finish, lockable latches, internal LED lights, digital thermostats, and a wide range of other fantastic features.

Another option for short stays is the NL20 travel box. The latest addition to the National Luna range, this travel box is a compact, cost-effective fridge perfect for campers and 4x4 enthusiasts needing a second fridge. This single-compartment model also boasts a digital thermostat, a minimum setting of -20ºC, and can even freeze at high ambient temperatures.

For Extended Expeditions

If you're embarking on a long-term adventure lasting several days or weeks, investing in a durable duel-compartment fridge like the National Luna Legacy range is highly recommended. Built to withstand rugged conditions and extreme temperatures, these fridges are engineered for reliability and performance in the most demanding environments. This range is also built to standard dimensions to fit in trailers, caravans, and other types of adventure vehicles.