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Joining the rewards program is quick and easy and can be done in-store or online.

How to join


If you have an existing username (your email) and password for the website, you simply login, add a cellphone number and accept the Rewards terms and conditions.

    If you’re new to the website, you fill in:
  • Name
  • Surname
  • Title
  • Cellphone no.
  • Email address
  • Password

Want an Outdoor Rewards card?

Visit your closest Outdoor Warehouse store and provide your cell phone number to the cashier. The cashier will now link up a Rewards card to your profile that you created online.


    You can sign up at checkout. The cashier will simply ask you for:
  • Name
  • Surname
  • Cellphone no.

Note – you will immediately receive the member price discounts at this point.

    We will send you a SMS with a link to complete creating your online login information:
  • Email address
  • Password

Note: When signing up in-store you need to complete the link that was sent to you via SMS in order to receive your Electronic Invoices and to be entered into the prize draw.

How to use your membership

To get the most benefit from your membership, be sure to identify yourself as a rewards member every time you transact. But don’t worry – we have made doing so really easy:


Just log in. Your membership is linked to your online profile, so you are automatically recognized as a member and have access to all the benefits and functionality when you are logged in to the site.


    Identify your membership at checkout. This can be done by either:
  • Showing your membership card; OR
  • By simply providing your cellphone number to the cashier.

Find your transaction history, Tax invoices and current exclusive offers:

All of this is automatically available to you online in your online account profile. Simply:

  • Visit www.outdoorwarehouse.co.za and Login (top right of the page):
    • Username (your email address)
    • Enter your password
  • Hover over your name once logged in, and select My Account
  • All your profile information will then be available

Rewards FAQ's

How do I join the Outdoor Rewards program?

You can either join online or at any of our Outdoor Warehouse stores.


If you already have an online profile you can use your current username and password to sign up as a member. If you are new to Outdoor Warehouse, simply fill in the registration form on the Sign Up page and select to join the rewards program.

Prefer signing up in-store?

No problem. Head over to your closest Outdoor Warehouse store where one of our friendly staff members will sign you up. Sign up happens at the till as you check-out. It only requires your name, surname and cellphone number. We will then send you an SMS with a link to create an online login profile – you simply enter your email address and a password.

Easy as that!

Do I receive a membership card?

Membership cards are available – but not required.
If you want one, you can get one when you sign up in-store.
If you have signed up online, you can ask for a card the next time you shop at any of our Outdoor Warehouse stores.

Do I need a membership card?

No. You have a choice of not taking a card and use your cell phone number as membership reference for future in-store membership savings.
When purchasing online, we will recognise you as one of our valued members and the discounts will automatically register in your cart.

Can I change my personal details?

Yes. Simply go to “My Account” on your online profile where you will have the option to change your personal details.

How do I replace a lost/damaged Outdoor Rewards card?

Visit one of our Outdoor Warehouse stores where we will cancel your old card and link up a new card to your profile. Please note that there will be a small charge for replacement cards.

Is there a joining fee?

No. The membership is absolutely free.

Do you have a Family membership option?

No. There is no benefit from pooling multiple memberships in our rewards program. And since many of the program benefits are tailored to individual interests and preferences, we suggest that each family member gets his/her own card in order to receive the most applicable benefits and exclusive offers.

How do the prize draws work?

All members are automatically entered into each prize draw. In addition, each time you purchase from us in the prize draw period, we'll give you an extra entry. For the full prize draw conditions, please see our Membership Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions of membership?

The full terms and conditions can be found here: Membership Terms and Conditions

Where do I see the member offers?

Member offers will clearly be indicated on the Outdoor Warehouse website. We will also communicate our latest membership offers to you that you can view on our Member Promo page.

Can I use my vouchers online and in-store?

Yes. When shopping online make sure you enter your voucher number during the checkout process.
If you want to use your voucher for an in-store purchase you can either print out the voucher and hand it to the cashier or reference the voucher number to them.


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