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Tracks 4 Africa GPS Map 18.10

  • Self-Drive Travel Maps for Compatible Garmin GPS
  • Micro SD card with Standard Adapter
  • Tracks 4 Africa GPS Maps are pre-loaded onto the SD card, simply insert the card into your compatible Garmin GPS and navigate.
  • Install files for PC and Mac users are also included on the SD card. If your GPS does not use an SD card, simply install the maps onto your computer.
  • Routable navigation throughout Africa. Street level coverage in Southern and Eastern Africa now included.


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Used this on a recent camping trip, where the sun hits the tent fabric you can feel the fabric become hot. Where the reflective cover is, there is no such heat on the fabric. Overall seem to keep the inside of the tent a lot cooler, certainly will be packing it on the next camping trip. If worried your tent will become a mini beacon of reflected light, simply tie an extra piece of garden shade cloth/fabric over it, still works very well, if not better (especially if you can get gaps between the layers). Not sure will make any difference if camping under a very shady tree. Braided ropes on it not cauterized, soon became un-braided, which was a bit annoying but easily fixed with a lighter. Gave this a 3/4 star, no reason to doubt it going to fall apart (yet) but only used it once so long lasting endurance is not known.



I ordered this upgrade for my older 3D Maglite and all I can say is wow!! I am impressed!!!



Functionality is good. However, no-body tell you that the battery only have 500cycles/6months warrantee. So I am leaving my headlamp in my off road caravan, having bought it Aug'17. Camping Dec'19 I found the battery defective, after probably 10 - 20 charges over say 1.5 years. Now you have to procure a new battery at R260. This is not value for money. Rather go for the non-rechargeable as all Led Lenser Rechargeable Headlamps seem to have a 6 month warrantee on the rechargeable batteries. If you have to replace these every 6 months at 1/3 of the price, it makes no sense at all.



Very handy little stove. Got 2 for just over 3 years now. Been through some heavy use and still going strong.

carel barnard


The price at Outdoor Warehouse is the cheapest in WC. Will be installing this weekend, power to keep them cold over the holiday!

carel barnard


What a nifty little product, very light and versatile and can heat and cook almost anything on a hike! This was my life saver for 5 days on the Otter hiking trail, daily cups of coffee and cooking and still got gas to go.



Nice & Comfortable

R J De Klerk


For the price this bit of kit deserves 4 stars. I have to admit that I was rather skeptical when I initially bought this torch as I was looking for something to replace my current vehicle torch, a LED Lenser (P7) of all things. Skepticism soon turned to surprise, I have received good service from this model. It stays in my vehicle and has been covered in all manner of gunk, brake fluid, diesel, oil, grease, mud, submerged in salt water for extended periods, dropped it numerous times, chucked it into the toolbox (yes, I wanted to see how tough it really is). The strobe function also helps: I had to tape the torch to the back of a trailer one night as our rear lights went out. The only complaint I have (which is probably more a matter of preference) is that I would have liked a more diffused lens. Buy it or not, you will however struggle to find a better torch for that low price.

Ryan Africa


Bought this tent and set it up on the same day to test it. Wet it according to instructions, let it dry, took it down ... all good. Next weekend I go camping with the wife and 10 month old. While setting up the tent one of the buckles break. First night was fine. Second night at 2 in the morning we heard a loud noise and awoke to one side of the tent having collapsed on my wife. Upon inspection one of the spring-steel poles had snapped and gone through the skull cap. I had to pack up our site in the dark and cold and go home at 4 in the morning. Upon returning the tent to the store in Rondebosch the next morning I was advised that the tent poles are not covered under the warranty/gaurentee. It doesn't say that on the invoice btw. They advise me that they have to send the tent to Campmor to be inspected. So I don't even know if I will be getting my money back. A one week old tent used once on the same weekend I returned it. Do they think I broke the tent purposely!? Terrible ... terrible experience! I don't want it repaired and I don't want another one.



Works great so far, perfect in campsites where you cannot have fires on the floor

Tracks 4 Africa GPS Map 18.10

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