How To Level A Caravan On Uneven Ground Correctly.

Often people do not see the benefits of levelling a caravan - but doing so correctly will save you time and make your off-road or caravan adventures a far more enjoyable experience.

What will you need before you begin levelling your caravan?

Here is a simple list of the tools you will need in order to correctly level your caravan.

  1. Manual or electronic spirit levels
  2. Levelling ramps
  3. Wheel chocks
  4. Jockey wheel chock pad
  5. Jockey wheel
  6. Caravan stabiliser pads
  7. Communication tools.

Important: You won’t always need the jockey wheel chock pad and caravan stabiliser pads as they are only used for levelling your caravan on soft ground.

Step by step guide for levelling your caravan on uneven terrain.

  1. Check your spirit level to see which side is higher, left or right
  2. Put levelling ramps in front of the tyre, or tyres, on the side that needs to be raised (always remember that this needs to be going downhill).
  3. Drive onto the levelling ramps, checking to see if you’re level side-to-side as you go up each step.
  4. Make sure the caravan breaks are on (and that you have put wheel chocks in on both sides of the caravan).
  5. With chains still attached, use your jockey wheel to carefully wind the caravan off the tow ball.
  6. Completely un-hitch, and move your car out of the way
  7. Wind the jockey wheel up or down until the van is level front-to-back
  8. As a final step, wind down the stabiliser legs to further stabilise the caravan on soft ground.

Some simple tips to help you with levelling a caravan

Here’s a few things that might make levelling a caravan just that bit easier for you:

1. Start uphill from where you want your caravan to eventually be placed.
You always want your levelling ramps to be downhill. So start the levelling process a little higher that way when you drive forward/reverse onto your ramps you’ll finish in the right spot.

2. Use tools to communicate easily.
Mobile phones are an easy solution and useful tool for communicating with the person assisting you with levelling. You can download many simple blue-tooth walkie-talkie apps to make it even easier - or if you are in an area without cellphone reception.

Better yet, invest in handheld UHF walkie-talkies - these work perfectly for quick and easy communication while levelling your caravan and can also be kept permanently in your caravan if you are going to need to level it often.

3. Stick your worn T-spirit level onto your drawbar.
You can stick your own T-spirit level onto your drawbar permanently to make levelling far easier and quicker in the future. Apply a dollop of silicon or other permanent glue onto your drawbar and stick the spirit level down - ensuring the glue or silicon doesn’t affect the spirit level.

4. Invest in electronic caravan levelling tools.

Some common mistakes to avoid

1. Using the incorrect levelling ramps.

There’s a BIG difference between levelling ramps for a single-axle caravan and levelling ramps for a dual-axle caravan:
Dual-axle levelling ramps come apart so you can slip one between the wheels

2. Using the stabilising legs for levelling.

Stabiliser legs are for stabilising only and not levelling. If used incorrectly - they can bend and break. This is why it is important to take the time to first level your caravan correctly and then only use the legs to help keep it level over time while using the caravan.

3. Not taking the time to level your caravan correctly.

Often people do not see the benefits of levelling a caravan or are just too lazy after arriving at their destination. However, it is always important to do so, otherwise, you can run into annoying issues or damaging parts of the caravan. If your caravan is not level, you could experience:

  • The sink not draining properly
  • The fridge door swung open by itself.
  • The caravan doors can possibly slam shut unexpectedly and cause injury.
  • A general feeling of discomfort during your time in the caravan.

Useful Product Picks for levelling your caravan:
So, if you didn’t have any of the things listed above, here’s a simple list:

  1. Spirit level
  2. Levelling ramps
  3. Wheel chocks
  4. Jockey wheel chock pad
  5. Jockey wheel
  6. Caravan stabiliser pads

Pro tip: You won’t always need the jockey wheel chock pad and caravan stabilizer pads.

In Summary

  • Level across the caravan by pulling onto the ramp.
  • Apply the handbrake and/or chock wheels,
  • Disconnect wiring then uncouple towbar
  • Remove safety chain last.
  • Move vehicle if necessary, before adjusting front to rear level with jockey wheel.
  • Wind-down rear legs
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