How to choose the right binoculars

With so many different options out there, finding the right binoculars for your next adventure can be quite tough. Find out more about choosing the perfect pair for any outdoor activity.

Firstly, let's zoom in on your purpose for buying a pair of binoculars or what type of activity you will need them for. Here are 5 simple things to consider before choosing your pair.

  1. Are you using them for game-viewing? Bigger binoculars with larger magnification will be the best choice for this type of adventure.

  2. Are they for sports or entertainment? The best choice for this would be a smaller pair with lower magnification to follow the action easily.

  3. Will you be using them in low-light conditions? You will want to look for a bigger, objective lens in this case to admit more light.

  4. For adventures in rainy conditions, it is essential to ensure you purchase a waterproof pair.

  5. And lastingly, for rough conditions, it would be recommended to look for a rubber-armoured construction to protect the lenses and prism.

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