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Beautiful mountain paths and picturesque landscapes can be missed each time you have to readjust your backpack to ease the load. We have compiled a list of tips and techniques to remember when packing your backpack to ensure ideal weight distribution, a comfortable fit and prevention of injury due to an overloaded backpack.

Five key Tips and Techniques:

  • Do not overload your backpack. Your backpack should not weigh more than one-third of your body weight
  • Pack in bulky, lighter items first. This includes your sleeping bag
  • Heavier items should be packed closer to your back and higher up
  • Make sure you have quick and easy access to the following essential items:  First aid kit, waterproof poncho/jacket, survival bag, whistle, torch, compass/GPS, map, water bottle, cellular phone
  • Line the pack with a strong, waterproof bag. A bright orange bag can be used to signal for help in an emergency.

For more of these and other tips on correctly packing your backpack, download our Backpack Packing Guide. 


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